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A wiki for our pen and paper RPG group. This is a place for ideas, comments, suggestions, story, and to make our sessions more enjoyable for everyone.

Next session will be held on
Tuesday, March 26, 2013

13th AgeEdit

Currently Douglas Walker is playing the role of dungeon master in our 13th Age campaign. There are four playing characters playing the
role of the adventurers. This wiki will provide these players and the DM with ways of communication between one another and ways to flesh out the story. We welcome any comments or suggestions to the story from guests as well as people involved in the RPG. So have fun, and let's create a great story.


D&D Quick Tips - Roleplaying 101

D&D Quick Tips - Roleplaying 101

D&D Quick Tips

These are a series of videos from Rhykker on YouTube. He is a DM for more than a decade and provides lessons he has learned to players and dungeon masters. Take time to learn from him and improve your role play gaming skills.

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